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wayang rama dan sinta

Rama and Sinta are the two main characters in the story of the Hindu epic RAMAYANA. In the story of RAMAYANA, the Princess (Sinta) sees a golden deer and she asks the Prince (Rama) to hunt the golden deer for her. Before Rama leaves, he made a magic circle to protect Sinta. Sinta is supposed to stay within the circle while Rama is away. After Rama leaves, the Evil King (Rahwana) tempted Sinta to leave the magic circle by disguising himself into a golden deer. When Sinta sees this golden deer, she forgets her promise to Rama and she goes out the magic circle. Rahwana then kidnaps and take her to his Palace in Alengka Kingdom. One of Prince Rama’s friend, an eagle named Jatayu, tries to save the Princess but he fails. But before he dies, he leaves a clue for Prince Rama, telling him that Princess Sinta has been kidnapped by Rahwana. Prince Rama, with the help of the King of Monkey (Hanoman), goes to the Evil King’s palace and save Princess Sinta. However, Rama is doubtful whether his beloved wife is still pure. To prove her innocence, Rama grants Sinta’s request to burn herself. The fire does not consume Sinta, proving that she is faithful and still pure. RAMA/SRI RAMA (The Principal hero in the Ramayana epic) Rama is the descendant of Batara Wisnu, the God of humanity. He is married to Dewi Sinta. When his wife is kidnapped by Rahwana, a gigantic King of Alengka Kingdom, Rama rescues her with the assistance of Laksmana (his loyal brother), Wibiksana (Rahwana’s brother), Sugriwa (kind of the monkeys), and Hanoman (brilliant general of the monkey army). He is a symbol of loving husband who takes care of his wife. SINTA/DEWI SINTA (The Principal heroine in the Ramayana epic) Sinta is the daughter of King Janaka of Mantili. In Ramayana story, she is kidnapped by Rahwana. Yet she maintains her honor and is ultimately reunited with her beloved husband, Rama. To prove that she is still pure, she offers to burn herself but the fire does not harm her. She is a symbol of faithfulness, honor, and loyalty.

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